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    Video from SABOW

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    Video from SABOW

    Post by geoweb35 on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:53 am

    Video from SABOW

    Steel Armor Blaze of War Operation "Hooper"

    Steel Armor Blaze of war Basra Campaign "Division and Pa$daran elements" part 1

    Steel Armor Blaze of war Basra Campaign "Division and Pa$daran elements" part 2

    Steel Armor Blaze of war Basra Campaign "Division and Pa$daran elements" part 3

    Steel Armor Blaze of War Basra Campaign "3rd Corps"

    SABOW training missions:

    i use this video config in steel armor:

    2.03 decrease textures size                           disabled
    2.04 simple shaders                                     disabled
    2.05 anisotropic filtering                               enabled
    2.06 image smoothing                                  enabled
    2.07 high dynamic range                              enabled
    2.08 shading                                               disabled  *
    2.09 complex ighting                                    enabled
    2.10 decrease vegetation                              enabled  *
    2.11 draw grass                                           enabled  *
    2.12 decrease level of detail for objects         disabled
    2.13 remove non-essential objects                disabled
    2.14 soldiers equipment                               enabled
    2.15 additional sfx                                       enabled
    2.16 sharpen image                                     enabled
    2.17 shadows                                               none   *
    2.18 decrease texture quality for vehicles       disabled    
    2.19 decrease texture quality for soldiers       disabled
    2.20 decrease texture quality for objects        disabled
    2.21 decrease texture quality for vegetation    disabled
    2.22 show unimportant objects                      enabled
    2.23 light from tracers                                  enabled
    2.24 reduce dust and smoke                          high   *
    2.25 grass detail                                           low    *
    2.26 detail change distance                           200
    2.27 landscape quality                                 300
    2.28 animation smooth                                 enabled
    for max FPS increase:
    2.08 shading                                           disabled
    2.10 decrease vegetation                         enabled
    2.11 draw grass                                      disabled
    2.17 shadows                                         none
    2.24 reduce dust and smoke                    high
    2.25 grass detail                                     low

    this settings decrease fps : grass,smoke,shadow,shading
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    Re: Video from SABOW

    Post by lockie on Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:50 pm

    Nice video!
    And here a very interesting footage what is the behavior of the tank desant. As we can see the soldiers ALWAYS jump out from the armor in spite of whether there were live or dead.
    The dead bodies can't stay on the armor as it was done in SF. In SF these corpses riding on the tank looks a very horribly and sinister  affraid

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