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    Some advises how to put tank in the game

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    Some advises how to put tank in the game

    Post by lockie on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:06 pm

    1. Set up the number of crew members to "0" in data\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\common\common_units, i.e. for Chutchill Mk.IV: gbru_churchilld,i_techn,tech_cfg\churchill.engcfg,churchilld_brit,,0,0,,;
    1.gbru_churchilld - inner name of the unit
    2.i_techn - AI technik
    3.tech_cfg\churchill.engcfg - config file
    4.churchilld_brit - variable of the unit in config file (there could be several variables for the several tanks in one config file)
    5.space1 - for the i_human side, i.e. %SIDE_BRITISH%,
    6.0 - quantity of the crew members, i.e. for the "Chutchill" 5(five) members
    7.0 - quantity of the desant/motorized infantry, i.e. for the "M3 lee" 7(seven) soldiers
    8.space2 - sequence of the members crew to define the seat in the tank, i.e. wp_commanders usually corresponds to key F3 and he is third in the line (see ...\tech_cfg\***.engcfg file, variable: wp_decode and ...\tech_cfg\misc\***.places.engcfg)
    9.space3 - importance for the i_human units, i.e. for the British Captain it has 1.25
    2. Set up in config file, i.e. for the "Churchill": churchilld_brit()\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\tech_cfg\churchill.engcfg
    • interf_cfg =; //(no interface for human)
    • cocpit =; //(no cockpit for human)

    As result, u've to get the new tank on the polygon without crew. At this stage u've to pay attention to the file - ***_places.engcfg, where all members have a seat, hatches, animation, importance.
    Next stage - start to adjust cockpit for the crew members.
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    Posts : 3642
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    Re: Some advises how to put tank in the game

    Post by lockie on Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:09 pm

    This advise how to export already prepared 3D model into the game format *.go
    Let's imagine we've prepared tank model M3 "Grant" with all necessary LOD's (Level Of Detail). There should be three LOD's:
    - first for the distance x<50m
    - second for the distance 50>x<150
    - third for the distance x>150
    (all distance of the LOD's u may define in the file\k42\loc_rus\config\config.engcfg). Each LOD should be less in polygons number on 30% to compare with other. For example: first LOD has 1000 polygons, second should has 600-700 polygons, third should has 300-400 polygons.

    So, let's export the model. First of all u've to select model in 3D Max and export it in kwx format. See FAQ What does "KW X-port"? When we exported all three LOD's let's open Object Editor and start.
    1. Press F9 then select first LOD.

    2. Program calculate all LOD's and give error message, but don't be bothered about it, just go on. Click OK and close error note.

    3. Open newly prepared by the program model grant_l.go. The new model already has 3 LOD's. To check it out press: +/-

    4. Select all parts of the model Ctr+Shift+A and assign by pressing knob "<<" the material. In our case it is: M3 GRANT

    Note: material must be defined in the file: ...\data\k42\loc_rus\config\matlib.engcfg

    5. Save model with new material.

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