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    Sdkfz 251 with Wurfrahmen 40

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    Sdkfz 251 with Wurfrahmen 40

    Post by lockie on Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:25 pm

    That's a fantastic weapon! I really impressed with this unit!
    Wurfrahmen translated as launch frame 40. 40 it is year of production.

    It had 6 rocket launcher frames and could hold 300/280 mm HE rockets. 50kg of explosive!
    I wonder what type of mission could be created for such unit?
    As user's unit it doesn't go, coz it took too much time to reload. As AI units it's more preferable. I.e. there is a battery of 3x SdKfz with Wurfrahmen located in the village. The task find them and destroy.

    There is one issue. Even if we place such device on sdkfz, how to force the bomb(rocket) to be disappeared after a shot?

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