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    The First Tanks Went Into Action 100 yrs Ago.

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    The First Tanks Went Into Action 100 yrs Ago.

    Post by woofiedog on Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:10 am

    A article about the 100 year anniversary of Tank Warfare.  :tank2:

    The First Tanks Went To War 100 Years Ago Today

    British Mark I 'Male' Tank... Picture taken 100 years ago today, on September 15th, 1916.

    World War I was a bloody mess. Spurred by advances in defensive weapons, like machine guns, barbed wire, and artillery, much of the Great War’s western front was a muddy hellscape of trenches, explosions, and mostly static lines.

    The Battle of Verdun, which started in February of 1916 and lasted for nine months, resulted in hundred of thousands of dead, and left unexploded weapons around the village of Verdun, some of which are still there to this day.

    The existing technology of that war lent itself to defensive stalemates. To change the war, military commanders hoped for a technology that could cross trenches, withstand rifle and machine gun fire, and protect advancing troops on foot. The result was the tank, which had its debut at the Battle of the Somme on September 15th, 1916 — 100 years ago today.

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