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    FAQ (SF editing)

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    FAQ (SF editing)

    Post by lockie on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:08 pm

    1. Q: How to start the Mission Editor?
    A: Install STA mod then click desktop "Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\0_missn_editor.bat

    2. Q: I want to change my units in a mission to other ones. How to do that?
    A: There are two ways:
    1. Use ME (Mission Editor) See more.
    2. Manually change unit name in the mission script. See more part1, See more part2

    3. Q: What does the parameters of the gunsight?
    A: Each gunsight entry has 32 fields. Here is an explanation, open the file:
    data\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\common\common_res.engcfg and see block sights(). Let's pick up
    gunsight Stug IIIF:


    1. Name
    2. Unmovable reticle
    3. Movable reticle at the vertical по вертикали (distance)
    4. Movable retical at the horizontal (horizontal corrections)
    5. Rotating reticle
    6. Cursor for the gun targeting, cross
    7. Mask type (0 - no mask, 1 - quadrant, 2 - circle)
    8. Field of view, degrees
    9. Start magnification
    10. End magnification
    11. Scale of the visible field (total zoom)
    12. step of increasing (0.0 - soft)
    13. Start position of the highlight
    14. End position of the highlight
    15. Discrete highlight true
    16. Color "highligh switch off"
    17. Color "highligh switch on"
    18. Color of the optics "haziness"
    19. reticle scale
    20. Movable gunsight (attached to the periscope and follows to the barrel)
    21. AI accuracy
    22. Scale band of the distance (min)
    23. Scale band of the distance (max)
    24. Scale band of the side corrections (min)
    25. Scale band of the side corrections (max)
    26. Rotating angle of the gunsight chank, degrees
    27. Gunsight quality
    28. Gunsight could be damaged
    29. Gunsight is closed with cap
    30. Angle rotating of the gunsight on horizon (min), degrees
    31. Angle rotating of the gunsight on horizon (min), degrees
    32. Scale of the angle rotating

    4. Q: What are the parameters of the shell?
    A: Each shell entry has 47 fields. Open file:\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\common\common_res.engcfg
    Pick up i.e.
    AP shell from T-34/76:


    1 Name
    2 Flag (data\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\common\weap_defs.engcfg)
    3 Type
    4 Name of Gun
    5 Initial velocity, m/s
    6 Length of the barrel for which we have the initial velocity, cal
    7 Armor Piercing action
    8 Normal at which ricochet
    9 Cumulative action (diameter of core for piercing)
    10 Concussive action
    11 Fragmentation
    12 Incendiary
    13 Projectile weight, kg
    14 Weight of explosives, kg
    15 Air Resistance k1
    16 Influence of gravity m / s ^ 2
    17 KVO x (square deviation on X)
    18 KVO y (square deviation on Y)
    19 The tendency to fracture
    20 Time of engine (gas generator),s
    21 Effect of Wind
    22 Air Resistance k2
    23 Air Resistance k3
    24 Sound hitting the ground
    25 Sound contact with armor
    26 Sound entering the building
    27 Sound contact with water
    28 Sound contact with human
    29 sounds of flight projectile
    30 Type of target for AI
    31 Effective range of the shooting, m
    32 Shot Penalty for AI
    33 Textual name
    34 Pattern of explosion
    35 Pattern of rebound
    36 Pattern of fragments
    37 Modes of a projectile (0 - without breaking, 0x1 - impact, 0x2 - delayed, 0x4 - input the distance)
    38 Time of detonation, ms
    39 Minimum delay time, ms
    40 The maximum delay time, ms
    41 Number of steps
    42 Color of the tracer
    43 Time of burning tracer, s
    44 Reliability of shell (for armor piercing)
    45 Interface shell-sprite number
    46 Name of the shell object
    47 Name of the shell casing object

    5. Q:What are the parameters of the gun?
    A: Each gun entry has 25 fields.

    Let's pick up the
    gun C53:


    1. С53 - name
    2. 0 – flags (х80- bombardment, х01-autoload), (data\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\common\weap_defs.engcfg)
    3. %WEAP_RBARRET% -  type
    4. 54.6 - barrel length, cal
    5. 85 - caliber, mm
    6.  1 - coefficient of the recoil
    7.  0.35 - back-blow, m (how long the barrel will go back after shot)
    8.  0.1 - time of back-blow, s (how long the barrel goes back in sec)
    9.   1 - time of uprush, s (how long the barrel goes forward in sec)
    10. 1 - the number of the cartridges quantity in the magazine
    11. 0 - time to replace a magazine, s (for the machine gun)
    12. 8 - reload time of the one shell, s
    13. 1 - dependence on the loader expirience
    14. 1 - the quantity of the smoke at the shot
    15.  0.75 - the value of the liftable dust
    16. shot_f34 - shot sound (data/k42/loc_rus/sounds/shots)
    17. reload1 - reload sound (data/k42/loc_rus/sounds/inner)
    19. « » - sound of the magazine changing (data/k42/loc_rus/sounds/inner)
    20. drop1 - sound of the droped-out case/shell (data/k42/loc_rus/sounds/inner)
    21. 1 -  the quantity of the shots in the burst for the AI
    22.  txt_gun_C53 - text name of the gun (not used in the game), (data/k42/loc_rus/text/loc_kit.text or SPM1.5 NTA 1.3_units.text )
    23. gun_shot_pat - pattern of the shot
    24. « » - weapon geometry (only for the wearable weapon)
    25. С53 - gun marker (config name of the gun for "ammo" e.g. different gun´s can use the same ammo, like the F34, ZIS3 and PP27)

    6. Q:What is parameter "center mass"?
    A: Let's take a look on the M-36.

    In most cases the tank/vehicle has a hull that is parallelepiped. So, the point is - to define where is the "center mass" located, because the center mass effects:
    - how fast the tank turns (speed of turning)
    - jump at bumps
    - drifting inertia

    According to the formula, the inertia moment of the uniform rectangular plate, for example with a mass equivalent M, width W and length L about an axis perpendicular to it and passing through the center is:

    In fact, you have to calculate every single part of the tank separately... hull, turret, wheels, tracks, etc.
    But it is too complicated, So let's take the hull only (in our case db_hull_upper)
    For M36
    - length 5,950м
    - width 3,05м
    - height=0.95*2=1.9m
    Mass=28150 kg

    According to the formula:
    -  jx  = ( 1.9*1.9=3.61) +(5.95*5.95=35.4)=39.01)*28150= 1098131/12=91510
    -  jy = ((3.05*3.05=9.3)+(5.95*5.95=35.4)=44.7)*28150= 1258305/12= 104858
    -  jz =((1.9*1.9=3.61)+( 3.05*3.05=9.3) =12.91)*28150=363416/12= 30284

    jx = 91500;
    jy = 105000;
    jz = 30300;

    Thanks to will73 for this tutor!

    7. Q:What is "KW X-port"?
    A: "KW X-port" is an exporter for 3dsmax, it exports to x-files that are imported by steel furys object editor.

    8. Q:What does mission parameters?
    A: See details here.

    9. Q:Is it possible to decapitate tank's turret?
    A: It's possible partly. For example, let's take config file T-34/76.
    1. Open with Notepad++ the next file:\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\tech_cfg\t34_76_.engcfg
    2. Find the entry:
    bb_round   =6.0;
    3. Place under it the next one:
    4. Save

    Start the game. So now, it is each time when T-34/76 will be hit under turret, it'll become partly decapitated.

    10. Q:What does trigger?
    A: This is a digital device, which has two states: 0/1. In the game default is "0". See more.

    11. Q:How to swap a Player's vehicle in a mission?
    A: See details here.

    12. Q:How to change the weather in a mission?
    A: See details here and here

    13. Q:What does armor parameters?
    A: There are some parameters from the tank config: ...\data\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\tech_cfg

    armor_str is an empiric coefficient to define the hardness of the armor. Usually it has a value of "2000". In case of, if armor have a hardened surface (i.e. BT-5), then coefficient should be "2100". Let's say each "100" will add ~30mm additional armor.
    armour_qual means absence of defects(cracks/splits/blebs). Better(more) quality - harder armor. Ideal is "1.0", but sometimes tank has the value "1.1" or even more.
    armor_frail means the quantity of spalling. Less value -> less spalling -> better armor. Ideal value armor_frail=0, no spalling at all. Easily explained is that welded armor spalls more, Casted armor less.
    notrace() All parts included in the notrace list is not going to be damaged, Game engine dosent count them as an live object. Used on for example details on hull and turret.

    14. Q:How to make a new unit in the game?
    A: See details here.

    15. Q:How to create a texture *.DDS file?
    A: See details here.

    16. Q:I'd like to convert music in SF format. What should I do?
    A: Steel Fury understands format "*.ogg". See details here.

    17. Q:How to edit the numbers on the tanks?
    A: See details here.

    18. Q. I didn't find answer on my question. What should I do?
    A. Ask here.

    19. Q. I'd like to remove camo net from the tank "Cromvell". How to do that?
    A. See details here.

    20. Q. How to place Objective symbols on the map?
    A. See details here.

    21. Q. I'd like to edit insignia on my tank. How to do that?
    A. See details here and here

    22. Q.How to make the new phrases, i.e. for the British tanks?
    A. See details here.

    23. Q.How to voice the messages?
    A. See details here.

    24. Q.I don't have "Users made missions" in my list. Why?
    A. That's a feature of the SF game engine. "Users missions" won't appear until you will create them.
    1. double click:
    Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\0_create_new_missn.bat
    2. Select any polygon with pop-up window, i.e. M01_Taranovka

    3. Press "Create", then type the name mission, i.e. "my_mission_one"
    4. Press OK.

    25. Q.Are there any video tutorials?
    A. Yes. See details here. Video tutors by Fabian Fred.

    26. Q.Where I can see a sample of script coding?
    A. Look here.

    27. Q.How to change the monitor aspect ratio on 16:9?
    A. See here.

    28. Q.How to mount infantry(desant) on the tank?
    A. See details here.

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