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    A Norwegian WWII Story... The Fugitive

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    A Norwegian WWII Story... The Fugitive

    Post by woofiedog on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:56 pm

    A WWII story about Jan Baalsrud a Norwegian who returned home to fight the German's occupying his country. Smile

    Together, he and the old man stared out at the valley where, 44 years earlier, he had staggered, snow-blind, after an avalanche, making his way to the safety of Marius’s farm.


    On March 29, 1943, with the brutal Norwegian winter not yet waning, Jan Baalsrud and 11 commandos and crewmen slipped into a secluded cove in the northern fjords. Their fishing boat, the Brattholm, carried a secret cargo of bombs and explosive devices. Baalsrud was a 25-year-old son of an instrument maker who escaped his country after the German invasion in 1940 and returned three years later as a saboteur.

    He joined Linge Company, a group of young Norwegians who trained with the Allies in special ops and then sailed back on stealth missions, across the North Sea from Shetland, Scotland, and into occupied Norway, using the maze of fjords as cover. Their mission that March was to establish a presence near the northern port city Tromso, where they would sabotage anything the Germans were using to fortify the Axis troops on the Russian front.

    Are and Kjellaug Gronvoll outside the barn where their family hid Baalsrud in the hayloft.

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