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    Were can I download STA 3.0


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    Were can I download STA 3.0

    Post by alexander9822 on Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:17 pm

    Must I donate and where can I download?
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    Re: Were can I download STA 3.0

    Post by frinik on Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:36 pm

    I advise you to PM Lockie he will tell you how much you need to donate and then can give you the download links.


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    Re: Were can I download STA 3.0

    Post by dwain7 on Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:54 am

    Just a question re STA 3.0...I understand it is available for a donation. However, I have read in other threads on this forum that it is still being worked on. On the other hand I see references to it being an "Alpha" application. So....Is the STA 3.0 that is available today "customer ready", or is it still in its development phase?
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    Re: Were can I download STA 3.0

    Post by frinik on Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:58 am

    It is both. It's basically a culmination of STA 2.0 with added models, better graphics, improved AI( more organized less chaotic let's say), more missions , better sounds etc. It's a work in progress in the sense that we are using an add on to Steel Fury which was never released and which has a more modern game engine.However you need to port all of Steel Fury assets into that new game engine which takes time as Lockie is doing it more or less alone and it's also trial and error because there are bugs and issues that need to be ironed out before new stuff can be released. However by choosing STA 3.) you are choosing the future of Steel Fury as neither 1.0 nor 2.0 will be update din the future.STA 1.0 is an excellent mod and fairly complete which should satisfy those new to Sf or not interested in paying for new stuff .However the good news is that the payment is a one stop one.Which means there won't be any future charges in the future unlike for example what Zeewolf is doing with T34 versus Tiger charging USD 50 a year for membership every single year. SF ain't going that way.But Lockie needs money to pay for the upkeep of the forum, to purchase new models and other costs.
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    Re: Were can I download STA 3.0

    Post by lockie on Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:35 pm

    At this moment STA3.x has alpha status. it has bugs and subject to be iron out. I'm sure the working (more or less) version will be ready only for the next year.
    There are only ~30missions available now (been tested). I hope during next two months STA3.x will be more stable for testing purposes.
    Some features:
    1. Campaigns:
    "The Steel of legend" (T-34/76, 10 missions)
    "Achtung, panzer!" (Pz.IV ausf.F1/F2, 10 missions)
    "Waidmannsheil" (Panzerjager I, 6 missions)
    "Fury" (Sherman M4A3/76, 5 missions)
    2. Added new tanks with cockpit:
    - Pz.III ausf.G (KWK38)
    - Pz.III ausf.L
    In fact, all types of Pz.III now has cockpit, including Pz.III ausf.N.
    3. other features
    - user may continue on the mission till to the last crewman, inspite "mission failed"
    - better graphic (AA enabled)
    - better AI
    - track repairing (still bugged, but works somehow)

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    Re: Were can I download STA 3.0

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