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    Pz.III ausf.G cockpit

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    Re: Pz.III ausf.G cockpit

    Post by lockie on Wed May 25, 2016 7:58 pm

    Thanks to will73 now Pz.III/G/N/L tanks has a cockpit!
    This is from Pz.III/G

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    Re: Pz.III ausf.G cockpit

    Post by Txema on Thu May 26, 2016 1:22 am

    Wow, great work will73 !!!

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    Post by frinik on Thu May 26, 2016 4:45 am

    Thank you Will1973!!!!
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    Pz.III ausf.G cockpit

    Post by lockie on Sat May 28, 2016 5:09 pm

    There are some screens of Pz.III/G (3D model and device adjusting was made by will73)
    Tank was supposed to use for the early activity(39-40) of the WW2. But for the SF there will be late variant. Tank has additional frontal armor (20mm). The total frontal armor is 30+20=50mm. Tank equipped with a gun KwK38.
    PZGR392_50, 39, 0, 0;
    PZGR2_50, 0, 0, 0;
    PZGR402_50, 10, 0, 0;
    SPRGR382_50, 40, 0, 1;

    BUL_792, 2700;

    PZGR2_50 it is early type of the shell with worse parameter of armor penetration. It'll be used by missionmaker in the script for the appropriate events.

    Gunner and loader sights protected with armor glass.

    Driver place
    Driver has three sights.
    1. Movable periscope. To move it, press "G". If u don't press "G", then it'll interfere to see through the hatch.

    Periscope reticle and out location.

    2. Side sight and frontal covered with cap.
    Frontal sight

    Side(left) sight

    Azimuth device.
    Upper scale it is for orientation relatively to the tank hull. What for the down scale - have no idea.

    Engine indicators
    The big one it is RPM. Then odometr, water temperature and oil pressure.
    Keep the water temperature abt. 90 degrees to avoid engine overheating. Oil pressure, if it is = 0, then engine damaged.

    Odometr. This device is combined with a speed scale. Odometr consist of the tow scales:
    - main (upper, it has the whole run)
    - additional (down, it has a specified run)
    Additional scale of odometr is used to make a measurement of the distance (limit is 0-99km). I.e, u need to move let's say 100 meters. First reset odometr to "0" (Ctr+K), then move.

    For example:
    - tank moved 853 meters. Odometr indication is "008"
    - tank moved 1279 meters. Odometr indication is "012"
    - tank moved 35641 meters. Odometr indication is "356"

    Also this device indicates the tank speed in km/hour.

    Driver may open/close two hatches along left side - evacuation and frontal. The same hatches has machine gunner along the right side.

    Loader place
    Loader has two sights:
    1. Frontal

    2. Side (right)

    Inside cockpit u may see a ventilator on the ceiling, which rotates during tank movement! Cool

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    Re: Pz.III ausf.G cockpit

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