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    Getting the history map and the loading background pic to display

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    Getting the history map and the loading background pic to display

    Post by 33lima on Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:42 pm

    I knew the solution to this but have forgotten!

    How do I get a custom history map to display? I'm using an existing one (caumont1.tga) but after trying to add a call to the user_camp file, the new user mission crashes immediately loading begins, reporting that it can't find the file - which definitely exists, in the HIST_MAPS folder.

    IIRC there was a text string in a file somewhere, which had to be edited, and after a lot of digging around, I can't find it. It's for a cm_users mission. The history text displayes fine.

    I also have a custom background pic, in the backs folder with the others, but as the mission won't load I'm not sure that will work either.

    The ME manual has a short section on creating and storing map and loading images which says these images are '...started from “menu_”' but I don't understand what that means.

    The user_camp line I have is below - the call for the history map (brown) was changed from 'teach' to what's there now; the mission loaded fine before I did that.

    23Hussars, 23 Hussars, 1, 0, backs_shermans.jpg, txt_cit_04, 30, txt_history_23Hussars, hist_maps_caumont1.tga, levels\levels\cm_users\23Hussars.level;

    Edit - cancel  - fixed it, by changing the above line as below, now both the loading image and the map are working. Need a bit more work to get the 'quotes' displaying the new ones instead of stock, Kharkov battle ones:

    23Hussars, 23Hussars, 1, 0, shermans.jpg, txt_cit_04, 30, txt_history_23Hussars, caumont1, levels\levels\cm_users\23Hussars.level;
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    Re: Getting the history map and the loading background pic to display

    Post by lockie on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:23 am

    33lima wrote:
    How do I get a custom history map to display?
    There should be one word without "_" i.e  historymap2.
    Quotes u may place in ***_loc_data.text

    //campaign30, sdkfz7_ger17_missn, 1, 0, sdkfz7_msn17.jpg, cit_rzhev, 12, txt_polunino_hist, polunino1, levels\levels\cm_pack_mission30\mis_ger17_sdkfz7.level,0,campaign31,back_cb_end2,txt_hist_itog,rzhev1.ogg,rzhev2.ogg;
    campaign30 - назва для кампанії/name
    name_mission_txt - назва місії(\data\k42\loc_rus\text\Mission_pack_1.1.text)
    //"1" - single mission, "0"-campaign
    //"0" - quantity try
    tank_picture.jpg - бекфон (\data\k42\loc_rus\images\backs)
    txt_cit_01 - назва цитаток(data\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\SCRIPTS\cm_pack_mission\***_loc_data.text)
    30 - кількість цитаток (data\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\SCRIPTS\cm_pack_mission\***_loc_data.text)
    //txt_hist_mission - історична довідка (\data\k42\loc_rus\text\Mission_pack_1.1.text)
    //karta_map -  карта-пікчер, формат *.tga (data\k42\loc_rus\textures\HIST_MAPS)
    name_mission.level - погода та все інше
    0 - quantity try
    rzhev1.ogg - відео на початку місії
    rzhev2.ogg - відео по закінченні місії

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