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    Bridge of Spies

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    Bridge of Spies

    Post by lockie on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:10 pm

    This is excellent movie with a great director and actors! I heard abt, Abel and Powers, but didn't suppose that Soviet spy had so many rights and lawyer(!) during court at the period of Cold war. And what was the reason why Abel wasn't executed.
    It was a period when Soviet started to build the Wall in Germany to prevent ppl to escape from the Soviet "heaven".

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    Re: Bridge of Spies

    Post by Tanker on Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:35 am

    Yeah, if I was a spy in those time, or today, I'd rather be caught by the FBI than the KGB or GRU.
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    Re: Bridge of Spies

    Post by frinik on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:47 am

    Yeah I saw it last weekend. Excellent film. Tom Hanks, whose birthdate I share, is very good and Mark Ryland in the role of Abel is just so credible! Had Abel been American he would have been executed but since he was a foreigner and his lawyer convinced the judge that he was would make a good bargaining tool he was spared.

    As for his rights that's the difference between a democratic society and the Soviet type of people's democracy which too many buffoons and what Lenin had rightfully called" useful idiots" in the West defend. I read an idiot posting in a WW2 forum that he was grateful for the Soviet Union victory which he said saved democracy(?????) while spitting venoms against the Americans saying their contribution amounted to nothing.

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    Re: Bridge of Spies

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