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    Exception error at 84%


    SGT J

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    Exception error at 84%

    Post by SGT J on Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:10 pm

    I just recently found this site and--thanks to the awesome postings by Lockie--I was able to get things working very well... until today when I found that a couple of my files were old and I tried to update them.  My files look like this currently:
    STA 2.2
    STA 1.0 Full
    (Below may be a picture from JGSME, but it disappeared last time)

    Until today I had SSM 1.0 and STA_GMP_2.2 activated and everything worked fine.  I downloaded the new SSM 2.0 and STA_GMP_2.37 and activated them but I get the Exception Error at 84%.

    Does anyone know what happened?  
    I'm considering going back to the STA_GMP_2.2 but from what I read it sounded like there were some nice new scenarios included in the update.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Lord Haw-Haw
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    TSF Member

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    Exception error at 84%

    Post by Lord Haw-Haw on Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:29 pm

    Hey Sarge (SGT J),
    I can't see your picture.
    Can you write the sequence of your Generic Mod Enabler.

    But till then:

    From the "Errors during mission downloading, which caused CTD (English version)." Guide.

    84% - Two opened a model unit (SAU Jackson), missing files * _scripts.engscr, * _zones.engcfg
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    Re: Exception error at 84%

    Post by lockie on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:36 pm

    Hi, SGT J
    Welcome to the "Lonely hearts club" Smile
    I'd like to note, u forgot to install JulyUpd_2015.

    SGT J

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    Re: Exception error at 84%

    Post by SGT J on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:59 pm

    Ah, thank you!  

    I didn't realize that both were necessary.

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    Re: Exception error at 84%

    Post by Sponsored content

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