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    Drive to the Dnieper : The Soviet 1943 Summer Campaign"

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    Drive to the Dnieper : The Soviet 1943 Summer Campaign"

    Post by woofiedog on Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:24 pm

    For those who like a little reading material, a site containing the 137 paged, full text edition of "Drive to the Dnieper : The Soviet 1943 Summer Campaign" Master's Thesis, written by Steve Robert Waddell.

    This study of Soviet operations during the summer and autumn of 1943 seeks to illustrate the importance of an otherwise neglected campaign. Whereas the Battle of Kursk receives significant attention, the ensuing Soviet offensive has in most cases been neglected in the west.

    In Major General von Mellenthin's Panzer Battles , the Soviet operations against Orel and Kharkov are all but ignored. Von Mellenthin emphasizes that the German forces won repeatedly on the tactical level but had to retreat because of the Soviet superiority in men and materials.

    In Lost Victories Field Marshal von Manstein claims that victory was within his grasp at Kursk. If only Adolf Hitler had allowed him to continue the offensive, the Soviet reserves would have run out and victory would have been achieved.

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