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    Mission "Machine Head"


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    Mission "Machine Head"

    Post by col.moore on Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:04 am

    Honestly ons of the most funny missions of all the times... I enjoy it so much that I decide to take a few screens shots to demonstrate a little bit on how I did my way across the River.

    Here they go:

    Coming in to the village, aware of an enemy tank somewhere in there, tanks to a few trees falling in there, but still no visual of the enemy vehicle... here we can see the field of destruction  that the Tiger just left behind... and we can also see a few "scars" in the tank armor.

    I decide to surround the enemy trough their left, going trough a small hill in that side of the village, where the enemy T-34 decide to shows up and try a face to face... but thanks to the Heer Komandant, we spot him first and fire at him neutralizing the enemy tank. I'm going down hill, already inside the village searching for remaining enemy troops and vehicles...

    Here we have a clear proof on how terrifying it was for the Soviet to face the first Tigers, apparently indestructible he got trough the line without any problems (I was afraid to lost my tracks so I decide to use the "Fire and Maneuver" tactic, stopping only to fire and during the reload I kept the tank moving).

    Behold the Final "Score"... that one "friendly fire" was due to an stupid bot that decided to take a walk in the front of the gunner Mg...

    The mighty Tiger!


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