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    Employment of Tanks in Night Fighting During WWII

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    Employment of Tanks in Night Fighting During WWII

    Post by woofiedog on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:41 am

    A brief article concerning the use of tanks for night fighting in the European theater during the Second World War.


    1. In order to assure agreement on the definition and the parameters of the problem, certain types of action have been eliminated. They are:

    a. Tanks in an artillery role.

    b. Tanks in tactical marches.

    c. Tanks in meeting engagements.

    d. Attack movements starting during the night but designed to get armor to the LD or to the enemy MLR by dawn, the actual battle to be fought during the day.

    e. Daylight attacks turning into exploitation or pursuit and pressed beyond dusk and into the hours of darkness to complete the successful action.

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