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    A Listing of the Composition and Units of the Afrika Korp.

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    A Listing of the Composition and Units of the Afrika Korp.

    Post by woofiedog on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:13 pm

    A listing of the composition of the Afrika Korp, units/equipment/vehicles/tanks and missions.   Smile

    German Kampfgruppe In North Africa 1941 through 1943


    Fischer Korpsgruppe: (Formed on 4 January 1943). It consisted of:)

    10th Panzer Division
    190th Panzer Battalion (1 co)
    2/190th Artillery Regiment
    A24 March Battalion

    Stenkhoff Group:  (Formed before 14 February 1943, it was formed with elements of the 21st Panzer Division.)

    Staff/5th Panzer Regiment
    5th Panzer Regiment (1 battalion)
    104th Panzer grenadier Regiment
    Staff, 3rd Battalion,155
    th Artillery Regiment
    1 Light Field Howitzer Battery (105mm guns)
    7th Battery
    8th Battery
    2 Flak Battle Groups (2 88mm guns))

    Nord Kampfgruppe

    (11January1943) (ordered to block Wadi el Chief and keep the allies from infiltrating between the main German line and the Centauro (Italian) Division north of Garet Abd el Rahman.)
    3/115th Panzer Grenadier Regiment (less 10th Co & 3 50mm PAK guns)
    2nd Co., 33rd Panzer
    Jäger Battalion
    3/33rd Panzer Artillery Regiment
    2nd Co., 33rd Flak Battalion
    2nd Co., 43rd Flak Battalion
    Staff, 1st & 2nd Cos., 617th Flak Battalion

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