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    How to use gunsight reticle to estimate the distance?

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    How to use gunsight reticle to estimate the distance?

    Post by lockie on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:34 am

    As it appeared, during mission creation "Last Commie' chance", the gunsight reticle of the JS-3/JS-2 was wrongly adjusted. It does that everybody really don't care how to shoot correctly or even worth - they just don't know how to use gunsight reticle Smile (Or they just using the cheat key "F").
    Here is a short tutor how to use gunsight reticle of JS-3 and estimate the distance to the target.
    Here's the main formula to estimate the distance to the target:
    Distance=(width X 1000)/mills
    width - width of the tank (could be used height also)
    mills - number of the marks on the gunsight reticle
    1000 - constant
    In fact, the real gunsight of the JS-2 didn't has additional four marks between central vertical line and the next mark. I've made this gunsight a long time ago and deliberately placed these 4 mills, coz I could not estimate the distance to the target, if it was more than 700 meters. (Imagine, how Soviet tankmen used this none-informative gunsight during WW2). Suppose during new mods creation the real proportion of the reticle were lost.
    So, we have as a target German Pz.IV tank, where his width is 2.9m ~3m
    Here's one important rule for the JS-3/JS-2 gunsight reticle.

    U've to use only scale "ПГП" (пушечная граната полная/gun grenade full), coz the other "ПГ3" (пушечная граната третий/gun grenade third) was organized only for the not fully charged shell to avoid soon barrel wearing. I think it was done for the training shooting.

    Let's go to the first shoot at 500 meters.

    We can see the width more than 4 mills. It does the distance is about (or less) 500 meters. There are 5 mills covers the tank width. We've: 3*1000/5=600 meters.
    There is an error with 100 meters, but it doesn't make a big diff., coz at this distance it's impossible to miss Smile Just don't forget to place horizontal line at the distance "500".

    Here's the distance 700 meters.

    As we can see the width of the tank corresponds to the 4 mills. It does: 3*1000/4~700 (To be more precisely, there should be 2.9*1000/4=725~700). Approximately it corresponds to the real distance to the target 700 meters.

    And now let's take the distance 900 meters.
    Here's the same situation. First estimate how many mills appropriate to the tank width. Here's definitely 3 mills (or may be a bit less). Let's calculate: 3*1000/3=1000
    As we can see a real distance is 900 meters, but even with such error we should hit the target.

    This is a very approximate calculation, during the battle u'll always have the enemy tank in other projection than frontal and u have to quickly estimate the distance. That's why I worked out a simple memo table:
    >= 5mills - 500 meters
    4mills - 700 meters
    3 mills - 900 meters
    2 mills - 1500 meters

    Good hunting! cheers

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