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    43' Orel mission - Krapivna


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    Re: 43' Orel mission - Krapivna

    Post by Pointer on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:06 pm

    lockie wrote:Make all necessary at er point fixes/changes, then send it to me. Also, briefing should be re-written to highlight the main hero of the campaign - Taras Chuprinka.

    Sorry, Lockie, but now and in the near future I cannot offer anything more then testing, reporting and ideas presenting.

    Perhaps, I was to scrupulous, when writing about those rotating flags and other unimportant details. If I was, please tell me.

    Now the concretes:

    1. Your fix of the mission "October 19th 1943. Right bank of the Dnieper": very good and 100% effective. The mission interesting, nice to play.

    2. About the hay stacks.  "Thrown around" means: after damage, the diameter 2.5-3 times bigger, the height 6.25-9 times smaller then in the undamaged state (the volume unchanged).
     And, of course, some irregularity of the shape. I expect, that tanks "wading" in such low objects, will look better then now.

    3. About Krapiwna polygon and low FPS: if you have Rends' permition and the experience in polygon designing, you can decrease the flora density (only density, not the area). Now, in some places, this birch forest is like tropical jungle!

    And finally my questions:
    what is the candidate for "regular" new update: u04_JunUpd_2015 or u02_JulUpd_2015 ? What should I test?

    Prefix "f" as in f09_Fix_MayUpd_2015 means "test/experimental", prefix "u" - candidate for regular update ? Correct?

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