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    FAQ (Steel Fury)

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    FAQ (Steel Fury)

    Post by lockie on Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:04 pm

    1. Q. I didn't find answer on my question. What should I do?
    A. Don't hesitate and post your question here.

    2. Q. The upper part of the message is not visible on my screen. How do I fix it?
    A. To fix it manually:

    1. Open with Notepad(Notepad++) this file:\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\interf\interf.engcfg
    2. Find the entry:
    con_text,   text,      512,    64,    80,    1, 0xffffffff,   true, con, 1, 0xffd0e0e0, 8, 12, , , true;
    3. Change it 1->.8
    con_text,   text,      512,    64,    80,    .8, 0xffffffff,   true, con, 1, 0xffd0e0e0, 8, 12, , , true;
    4. Save.

    After fix applied

    This fix is already included into STA mod.
    But you may try this mod also "Wide-screen fix 16:9" by will73.

    3. Q. What does "4Gb patch"? I have code 006:Unable to create shader while loading. How to get rid off this error?

    A. You must install 4Gb patch. Game is using more than its 2GB memory address, modern high res displays combined with a lot of extra content added in the mods can use more than 2Gb.

    Solution:  Allow the games exe to be large address aware which gives it 2GB of virtual memory on top of its 2GB address. Requires a 64bit OS and more than 3GB physical memory and the systems swap space not disabled.
    Turn off compatibility mode on Shell.exe and Starter.exe (this is just a precaution, you can try turning it back on after but I needed to leave it off). Download this program:
    (or any large address aware patcher).
    Run the program on Shell.exe and Starter.exe
    NOTE: You should do this fix even if you don't have crashing since you'll never know when you'll run into it.
    First run the patch on the SF Startup.exe. Then run the patch again on the Shell.exe. Once in the Steel Fury Folder you can find the Shell.exe. in Bin>Rel>Shell. This fix worked on a PC running WIN 7, 64-bit. Also, if you're playing a long session of SF with many missions you might sporadically experience a mission failing to load as SF on newer OS systems seems to hog memory. A simple PC reboot will remedy this problem. See more details.

    4. Q.In the window of the game settings I see that my videocard has less than 128 Mb RAM. In fact, I have more than 1Gb video memory. How to fix it?
    A. these are possible solutions:

    1. If you use Win 7 or Vista, then be sure you have NOT installed the game in the directory "Program Files". Install the game in other folders, i.e.:
    - C:\My games\Steel Fury
    It is better to install the game on another partition or harddrive:
    - D:\My tank games\Steel Fury

    2. In the settings:
    - uncheck "use desktop resolution"
    - check "no video mode restrictions"

    3. Manually with Notepad or Notepad++ apply these fixes:
    3.1. Open file:\k42\loc_rus\config\config.engcfg
    3.2. Find entry
    adapter = 0;
    //resolution, frequency, mode
    bb_wid = 640;
    bb_hei = 480;
    bb_freq = 75;
    bb_fmt = 22;
    3.3. Change it to the resolution you want, i.e. 1600x1200:
    adapter = 0;
    //resolution, frequency, mode
    bb_wid = 1600;
    bb_hei = 1200;
    bb_freq = 75;
    bb_fmt = 22;
    3.4. Save

    5. Q.When the mission ends, I don't understand what some of the damage codes mean. {HR,GR,P}. The manual doesn't show everything.
    A.It is an error in user_manual.pdf. Somebody have forgotten to translate "Table 10.1 – Codes of damage and their interpretation."  

    L - Lights (projectors, headlights).
    S - Sights, periscopes.
    dr - Driver is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    gn - Gunner. Gunlayer is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    cm - Commander. Commander is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    ld - Loader. Loader is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    mg - Machine gunner is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    2l - 2nd loader. Loader is incapacitated (badly wounded or killed).
    P - Track damaged.
    E - Engine. Engine broken or damaged.
    * - Fire. A fire has started
    A - Ammo. Ammunition damaged.
    T - Transmission damaged.
    R - Radio damaged
    F - Fuel tank is punched
    GR - Gun malfunction
    HR - Turret ring mechanism damaged or jammed
    W - Weapons. Armament damaged or jammed.
    AC - Accumulator/Batteries damaged

    6. Q. What do the colour of impacts mean? When does it mean penetration or a glancing round in the after mission statistic?
    A. Two arrows, one shows the "shell" trajectory, the second, the normal of the shell.

    If arrows are rather bright - the shell has pierced, if is not - no piercing.
    With the button below of the screen, it is possible to filter display of hits.

    - Green colour - all.
    - Orange - Hits that have pierced and have made damage
    - Red - Hits that only have inflicted damage

    colour coding:
    - blue - shrapnel.
    - red - armour-piercing.
    - yellow - armour-piercing composite shot
    - dark blue - fragmentation-high-explosive.
    - green - cumulative (armor burning).

    7. Q. Does Steel Panzer Mod(SPM) compatible with Steel Tank Addon(STA)?
    A. No.

    8. Q. Do I need to install Unofficial patch 0.1?
    A. No. This patch has already included in STA mod and same with Compass mod.

    9. Q. How to force the wingmen to turn their face to the enemy direction or whatever direction I choose?
      A. You should use the 'Turn' order (2 in the screenshot below) and click on the map where you want your tanks to face.

    10. Q. What utility is JSGME?
      A. See this topic for more details.

    11. Q. I have a good computer and want to increase the quality of the game models. What should I do?
      A. It is possible to increase the distance for the LODs(Level Of Detail). More details

    Open with Notepad++ this file:\k42\loc_rus\config\config.engcfg
    Make changes in these entries:
    lod_dist0 = 25.000000;
    lod_dist1 = 150.000000;
    lod_dist2 = 0.000000;
    lod_dist0 = 750.000000;
    lod_dist1 = 1000.000000;
    lod_dist2 = 0.000000;

    Also you may setup only first LOD for the preferable 3d model, i.e. for the "Tiger I":\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\tech_cfg\tiger.engcfg
    Change entry:

    12. Q. Mission "Otto Carius: Siivertsi" doesn't work, I always get an error message. How do I fix it?
      A. You have to delete these two folders:

    13. Q. My tank/vehicle doesn't have an interior (cockpit). Why?
      A. In STA mod only these units have cockpits (interior):
    Tiger I, King Tiger, Pz III, Jagdpanzer IV, Pz IV(except "H"), Jagdtiger.
    All modifications of the T-34/76, T-34/57, T-34/85(available via donation), Mark II "Matilda", SU-100, KV-1.

    14. Q. How do I know the distance to the target?
      A. Here it is:
    - explanations
    - Gunnery manual for Beginners
    - see here also

    15. Q. My tank driver occasionally doesn't respond to orders to move or go forward, placing it at a disadvantage while playing. Why does it happen?
      A. You didn't check the features "Always obey orders", "High morale". Sometimes members crew scared and didn't want to obey order, i.e. driver doesn't want to go/loader to load shells/gunner to shoot from the gun.

    16. Q.The textures in the game are very blurred. How to fix it?
      A. You have to make the changes in the file config.engcfg.

    1. Open with Notepad(or Notepad++) file Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\data\k42\loc_rus\config\config.engcfg
    2. Find entry
     user, 0, 2;
     tbump, 0, 2;
     hbump, 0, 2;
     obump, 0, 2;
     fbump, 0, 2;
     lbump, 0, 2;
     bump, 0, 2;
     flora, 0, 2;
     trans, 0, 2;
     normal, 0, 2;
     techn, 0, 2;
     human, 0, 2;
     objs, 0, 2;
     marks, 0, 2;
     atest, 0, 2;
     clouds, 0, 2;
     detail, 0, 2;
     menu, 0, 2;
     font, 0, 2;
     uncomp, 0, 2;
     }// end of formats
    3. Replace value "0" with value "-1" for the parameters:
    tbump, -1, 2;
    bump, -1, 2;
    trans, -1, 2;
    techn, -1, 2;
    4. Save


    17. Q. How do i record/stream the game?
      A.It is recommended to use Raptr for AMD(ATI) video cards. It's free to download and install. Here's the link:
    For Nvidia the equivalent is Geforce Experience. Here's the download link:
    Basically what these programs do is allow you to tweak your games based on the specs of your cpu and Gpu which they automatically detect (of course Geforce Exp works only with Nvidia cards and Raptr only with ATI ones). It also allows you to start your game and once you have started your game using either Raptr or Geforce Exp then you can press a key and start recording your games. Unfortunately Steel Fury is not detected automatically you have to search for it manually. Thus the program will not tweak it as it will for modern games. However you still launch SF with it and record your missions.
    Once you've installed either program and open it there are very simple instructions to follow on how to record your video. For example with Raptr on your PC screen once you start a game you have at the upper left ON = Ctrl + : OFF + the same. You click on the left control key + the key and the video will start and you can see how many minutes it lasts.

    18. Q. What is the effect of the Balance sliders in options? Which direction do you move it to make less or more enemies?
      A. There are 3 sliders in the difficulty tab. All sliders were made to control more/less difficulty in the mission.

    1. Force Balance has 10 positions.
    As lower slider position (#1 is lowest) the enemy has less quantity and more weaker. On the contrary alies has more units and they are more stronger. It completely depends on the missionmaker. Usually, there are several levels/positions of balance available. I.e. balance "5" is default. On the lower balance (i.e. "2") user have additional units, enemy less units. On the higher/hardest balance (i.e. "10") user have less units and units of the enemy became stronger and even weak units will be replaced on the stronger (more expirienced).

    2. Allies experience has four positions.
    Pos. #4 is maximum and corresponds to the default values, which were set up by missionmaker. There are two parameters, which could be effected by "slider" for the units in the mission. Let's say missionmaker set them up as the next:
    1) Morale=90
    2) Experience=70
    For the "Alley" Pos. #4 will be corespond to the default values. If user set it up in Pos. #2 then it does that user's troop will get only 50% value from the default:
    1) Morale=45
    2) Experience=35
    The lower "Experience" - the slower AI rotate turret and targeting is more slow and inaccuracy. Suppose "Morale" effects how long unit will attack/defence then retreat.
    3. Enemy expirience has four positions.
    Same procedure as above. If user wants to get idiotic enemy AI, then place it at Pos. #1.

    19. Q. I do not hear any sounds, like engines or gunshots. Why?
      A. Win8.1 is not using your 5.1 A/V receiver as the default playback device.

    20. Q. When I use "reload" in Pz.II the shell is loaded, but then the shell disappears from the lower right corner of the UI. Although the ammo is loaded and can be fired. How to fix it?
      A. Pz.II gun has an autoloader, don't use "reload" key "R".
    Here is a list of AFV that has autoloaders:
    1. Sd.Kfz. 7/1
    2. Sd.Kfz 232 6rad
    3. Pz. I F
    4. Pz. II
    5. Pz. II "Luchs"
    1. T-60
    1. Halftrack M3

    21. Q. How do i use the "drum" gun-sight?
      A. Here is a video that explains it:
    П. Як користуватись прицілом БМ-13 "Катюша"?
    В. Дальність в БМ-13 міняється кнопками H та J (барабан зі шкалою), потім переходиш на приціл виставляєш центральний трикутник мишкою або стрілками на ціль і стріляєш.

    22. Q. Sometimes in the mission the gunsight of the tank is dark, as if it was night outside. I can see the reticle when I press the "C" key, but can't use the sight, because i can't see anything through it. Why?
    A. There are some gunsights which have "caps". To take off "cap" you have to press "G".

    23. Q. How to install mod "Free camera"?
    This feature built in the STA2.x and STA3.x.
    A. There is a special procedure for the STA1.2. See details here.

    24. Q. When I'm at gunner's place and have pressed the key "Enter", I hear along with MG burst annoying message "Use maingun and machine gun...". How to get rid off this phrase?
    A. Go to menu "Keyboard" and pick up for gunner's MG a new key. Instead Enter select i.e. key ". See details here.

    25. Q. I have a bug with "flying trees". How to fix that?

    A. Install "Integrated patch for non-English game version". This patch is only for the non-English game version. It must be the first in line order. D/l: link1, link2, link3.

    26. Q. Sometimes i have "white spots" on my screen. How to fix that?

    A. It is a well-known Graviteam bug in the Nvidia drivers. You have to switch OFF AA (Anti-Aliasing) in the videocard driver setting and use Nvidia Inspector to enable AA instead. Details

    27. Q. How to make a screenshot?
    A. During the game press F12. Exit game, then open folder:
    ...Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\users\scrshots
    Screenshoots taken within Steel Fury are saved there.

    28. Q. I've a white movable window each time when I start the game. How to fix that?
    A. In case, if you are using an Nvidia card, you must go to Nvidia Control Panel and make sure all the Anti Aliasing settings are set to "no" or "determined by application". It is a typical problem of the Gravitream's games - incompatibility with Nvidia video drivers. Details.

    29. Q. Each time when I start the game I see the box "Select programs".
    How to get rid off this annoying box?

    A. There are two methods.
    Method N1.
    1. Delete/rename this file:
    ...Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\root\default.engcfg

    Method N2.
    1. Open with Notepad this file:
    ...Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\root\default.engcfg
    2. find entry: auto_start=10.00;
    3. change to: auto_start=0.00;
    4. Save

    30. Q.  Can I remove the intro video? And how?
    A. You have to:
    1. Open the folder: ...\data\k42\loc_rus\videos
    2. Delete/rename file: intro.ogg

    31. Q.  If I have already loaded a AP round and I want to load a HE round without fire the loaded one, what do I do? Is there "Cancel loaded round" button?
    A. You have to:
    1. Press once again "R" key to cancel further AP loading
    2. Execute a shot
    3. Load HE shell

    32. Q. I cannot change crew positions pressing keys F1-F5 and CTRL F1-F5. Why?
    A. During training missions you can't change the positions till you complete the task. Also remap all "F" keys, which are set for switching seats. Details.

    33. Q. I've wrong texture in the mission. How to fix it?

    A. You must use exactly recommended installation order, which had been noted on the first page STA mod.

    34. Q.How does Steel Fury work in Windows 10?
    A. It works fine! Details.

    36. Q. When I hit low armored vehicles many times with armor piercing ammo they are still intact and moving on the battlefield, any solution?
    A. Armored vechicle has a thin armor, thus AP shell don't react on it and go through the vehicle without damaging it. Try MG to kill gunner or shoot at engine.

    37. Q. Are Kyth's missions and campaigns has been included into STA mod?
    A. Yes. Both Campaigns:
    1. Not Quiet on the Eastern Front (Pz.III/J)
    2. Persistent Little Devils! (Pz.38(t))
    with all missions were included a long time ago.

    39. Q. What is the difference between STA1.2, STA2.3 and STA3.1?
    STA1.2 it is the most stable, but no longer supported mod. It is a standard for any new user's patches and mods. It is a free for d/l.
    STA2.3 it is advanced mod, which is available only via donation. It has more new Campaigns, missions and tanks than STA1.2. No support anymore.
    STA3.x it is the most advanced mod with a new updates, features (improved AI, tracks repairing etc), more tanks and more Campaigns/missions to compare with STA1.2 and STA2.3. It has beta status and available only via donation.

    40. Q. Which "Tigers" are equipped with a cockpit?
    A. In the STA1.2 and STA2.x all "Tiger I" and only "Tiger II"(red camo) are equipped with a cockpit. All Tigers I/II has a cockpit in STA3.1. Details.

    41. Q. I have problems with blurry textures in the game options menus and with the compass and icons. How to fix it?
    A. See details here.

    42. Q. When I play at commander's place at Pz.38(t) I have corrupted gunsight buttoned view with white-black stripes. How to fix it?
    A.Here is a fix. Install the last in line. Details.

    43. Q. I can see only upper left portion of the main menu (I have only 2/3 of the screen). How to fix it?
    A. Open your Control Panel in Windows (7, 8, 10), go to Display and Appearances and then Advanced Display settings, Customize your Display. You'll see a slider with the line above that says: Change the size of text, apps, and other items. Make sure it's set at 100% the default value.
    Right click the SFK42 shortcut, then properties, click the compatibility tab, then check "disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Details.

    44. Q. I can't adjust the brightness of the game. What's wrong with it?
    A. You have to uncheck "Use desktop resolution".

    45. Q. Is it possible to enable two or more weather mods at one time?
    A. No. Only one weather mod can be active at a time. So you need to swap them in and out using JSGME deepening on which one you want to use.

    46. Q. My map is always white in the briefing. I can't see it. Why?

    A. Open config.engcfg, find the entry user, -1, 2;. Replace on user, 0, 2;

    47. Q. I don't understand how to use the gunsight reticle of the tank JS-2. Solution?
    A. See the answer here.

    48. Q. How to use the turret MG of JS-3 tank?
      A. This is the steps of how to use turret MG:
    1. Take place as loader(Ctr+F4)
    2. Open loader's hatch (key "H") to place MG in the fire position
    3. Take a seat at the MG as MGradist (Ctrl+F5) (this enables targeting with arrows/mouse)
    To be able to load the main gun, user must take the seat as the loader again(Ctrl+F4), because there is only one crew member(loader) for the two places: loader or MGgunner (turret MG)

    49. Q. Where I can find the description of the devices inside a T-34' cockpit?
     A. Have a look here.

    50. Q. I can't download any files from 4shared's site. I click the download button but nothing happen. Why?
    A. Have a look here: 5. How to download from 4share site.

    50. Q. I can't save any options in the main menu of the game. Why?
    A. Uncheck "readonly" option from the file:
    ...Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\data\k42\loc_rus\config\config.engcfg

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