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    'Combat Firing by the Individual Tank'

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    'Combat Firing by the Individual Tank'

    Post by 33lima on Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:06 pm

    Interesting US Army training film featuring the M4 Sherman and M5 Stuart:

    Points to note:

    - likely dates from mid-to-late 1943;

    - unlike British practice, US training at this point in the war is that tank commanders will operate closed down, rather than 'unbuttoned' (hatch open and head out);

    - use of the gyrostabiliser, when firing on the move is needed (seen working in the final clip of the moving M4) US tanks being amongst the few in WW2 to have a stabilisation system for the main gun;

    - use of smoke shells in action;

    - changing fire position frequently when firing from cover, not simply staying in one spot;

    - choice of fire positions - prefer cover from fire, to cover from view ('cover', not 'concealment'); avoid isolated cover - pick a fold in the ground or ridge behind which you can manoeuvre.

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