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    New to Steel Fury - First impressions and help rqd pls



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    New to Steel Fury - First impressions and help rqd pls

    Post by r1oldy on Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:28 pm

    Hi All, I'd seen Kharkov 1942 with mods on youtube, liked the look of the game, bought it, loaded it (Win 7 user so created and loaded into G drive). Decided I would take some time on the tutorials to learn how to play it (due to seeming lack of tutorials/instructions) as there's a lot of controls to remember. Noticed quite quickly that things weren't righ eg. can't see the top of the message board, some of the commands on the keyboard not working (such as Crew quick change). Read up a little more, so decided to download the STA mod as this may fix the bugs. Downloaded the STA mod, no instructions on what to do with it once downloaded so I'm stuck now (also with a load of software included with the mod on my machine that I didn't want Crying or Very sad )

    First impression - I would really like to play this game that I have spent good money on and taken a fair bit of my time trying to get it working, to be left with not a good experience. Its starting to feel like I have to be an IT/coding expert to play this game, which is not what appealed about the game

    Question - Is there a definitive, step by step (noddy) guide on what needs to be done to get this game working please?

    Thanks in advance for any help Smile
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    Re: New to Steel Fury - First impressions and help rqd pls

    Post by frinik on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:59 pm

    If you think Steel Fury has lots of control keys don't even try playing Arma II or III!!!

    First thing which is always advised is read the forum threads and posts that are relevant . I know it's a mighty pain in the a.. but this is how most of us got past the start in any game.

    Since you are giving very little info let's ask questions:

    1) Did you start the game and did it start?

    2) what is your order of installation mods etc?

    3) what specs( pc or laptop ) do you have?

    4) what issues - if any - are you having?

    As for instructions on what to do you launch the game and normally if it works you'll see a meny in English with various options including a menu that shows campaigns and missions you can play. AS I said it pays the read about the game ( read reviews of the game on the internet because they give explanations and context). Also read about STA and the Mission packs on this very forum:


    Models available in game:

    Mission packs:

    There's also our former forum where you'll find lots of useful info and assistance from Kyth the nice and rather underemployed moderator :

    Remember this is a game not black magic so three's nothing utterly difficult about it and persistence always pays off! This game is worth it . I started playing 7 years ago at a time where there was precious little help and no real forum to turn to.

    So give us info and do your homework and we'll help you the best we can!

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    Re: New to Steel Fury - First impressions and help rqd pls

    Post by lockie on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:44 am

    I'd recommend to read this topic also.

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    Re: New to Steel Fury - First impressions and help rqd pls

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