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    Tripple buffering

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    Tripple buffering

    Post by lockie on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:48 pm

    Just a question - will this parameter help to get more fps? Sometimes I've 7-8fps and can't play.
    So, here is description:
    In computer graphics, triple buffering is a variant on double buffering that provides a speed improvement. In double buffering the program must wait until the finished drawing is copied or swapped before starting the next drawing. This waiting period could be several milliseconds during which neither buffer can be touched.
    In triple buffering the program has two back buffers and can immediately start drawing in the one that is not involved in such copying. The third buffer, the front buffer, is read by the graphics card to display the image on the monitor. Once the monitor has been drawn, the front buffer is flipped with (or copied from) the back buffer holding the last complete screen. Since one of the back buffers is always complete, the graphics card never has to wait for the software to complete. Consequently, the software and the graphics card are completely independent, and can run at their own pace. Finally, the displayed image was started without waiting for synchronization and thus with minimum lag.
    Due to the software algorithm not having to poll the graphics hardware for monitor refresh events, the algorithm is free to run as fast as possible. This can mean that several drawings that are never displayed are written to the back buffers. This is not the only method of triple buffering available, but is the most prevalent on the PC architecture where the speed of the target machine is highly variable.
    Another method of triple buffering involves synchronizing with the monitor frame rate. Drawing is not done if both back buffers contain finished images that have not been displayed yet. This avoids wasting CPU drawing undisplayed images and also results in a more constant frame rate (smoother movement of moving objects), but with increased latency. This is the case when using triple buffering in DirectX, where a chain of 3 buffers are rendered and always displayed.
    Triple buffering implies three buffers, but the method can be extended to as many buffers as is practical for the application. Usually, there is no advantage to using more than three buffers.

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    Re: Tripple buffering

    Post by Txema on Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:07 am

    Hi Lockie !

    Yes, triple buffering can increase your FPS, but its effect depends on your hardware, of course.
    The problem is that by using Nvidia control panel or Nvidia Inspector you can enable "triple buffering" just for OpenGL games. It has no effect for Direct3D games (like Steel Fury) !!

    To enable triple buffering for Direct3D games (like Steel Fury) you have to use "D3DOverrider".
    You can download it here:!bIRhkQAQ!YC-f01qqool83NTkoPTVdBrxZtcYn6IWJvZb0K2Q5ns

    It is a .rar compressed file. You have to uncompress it to a folder. No installation is required.


    1) Double click on "D3DOverrider.exe" to start the application. A dialog box will be opened.

    2) Press "accept" and the application will be minimized to the windows tray. To open it, double click on the icon placed on the windows tray.

    3) The application window will be opened. Select "global" to apply the effects to all the games, and then set "Force triple buffering" to ON and "Force Vsync" to ON. Finally, minimize the window to leave it at the windows tray.

    You are now ready to play Steel Fury with "triple buffering" enabled. Just launch Steel Fury !

    In my computer, by enabling "triple buffering" in this way, the situations with very low FPS in Steel Fury have almost dissapeared !!!

    Try it and report your results here !


    P.S. Link to the web page reporting this procedure. Unfortunately it is in spanish.
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    Re: Tripple buffering

    Post by woofiedog on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:08 pm

    Have been giving D3DOverrider a try since this past weekend and it does seems that the game is running better. I have a GeForce graphic card, but really need to run some missions with fraps running though, to see what there is for any frame rate changes.

    Thank's for the info. Smile

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    Re: Tripple buffering

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