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    Pz. 38(t) armor frail

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    Pz. 38(t) armor frail

    Post by lockie on Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:39 pm

    Here's a short part from  Otto Carius memories.
    On July 8, we got hit. I had to bail out for the first time.
    We were in the lead. It was at Ulla, a village that was completely burned down. Our engineers had built a pontoon bridge next to the one blown up over the Duna. It happened like greased lightning. A hit against our tank, a metallic crack, the scream of a comrade, and that was all there was! A large piece of armor plating had been penetrated next to the radio operator's seat. No one had to tell us to get out. Not until I had run my hand across my face while crawling in the ditch next to the road did I discover that they had also got me. Our radio operator had lost his left arm. We cursed the brittle and inelastic Czech steel that gave the Soviet 47mm AT gun so little trouble. The pieces of our own armor plating and assembly bolts caused considerably more damage than the shrapnel of the round itself. My smashed teeth soon found their way into the trash can at the aid station.

    "Tigers in the Mud"

    In fact it was 45mm AT gun and caused a big damage to the tank. In STA Pz.38(t) has 0.5 armor_frail coefficient. I.e. T-34 has 0.6, Pz.III has 0.5.
    According to Carius memories the coefficient should be increased to 0.9 for Pz.38(t)!

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