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    Mod: speech for the soviet tank crew member

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    Mod: speech for the soviet tank crew member

    Post by lockie on Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:35 pm

    A long time ago, perhaps from the very beginning, I had a wish to replace default voice of the soviet crewman on smth. differ. That was one a very strong reason - each time when I heard voice from my crew-member, I got a very firm feeling that I had a talk with a dude who was really under heavy drugs Very Happy
    My conviction was increased with a slowed speech, which is typical for the addicted.
    Here's original speech (Commander wounded)
    w ww.mediafire.com/listen/dhfudumq5m0ug50/dam_cmwound_0.wav
    Here's new version:
    w ww.mediafire.com/listen/u6cddcxcbzvoe9w/dam_cmwound_0_new.wav

    So, I just replaced default speech of the soviet crewmen on the same, but a bit speed up and with a "radio" type of the voice.
    Here's link to d/l:
    w ww.4shared.com/rar/swMrRVYSce/speech_ussr_tank.html

    Installation order. Mod must be installed after SSM 1.0:
    1. Steel Sound Mod 1.0 (SSM)
    2. speech_ussr_tank
    2. STA 1.0
    3. GMP1.x (optional)
    4. GMP2.x (optional)
    5. GMP3.x (optional)
    6. Current Update
    7. Any Weather Mod (optional)
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    Re: Mod: speech for the soviet tank crew member

    Post by frinik on Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:57 am

    Warning: only gamers who have been through rehab are allowed to download and install the mod... Wink

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