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    What does parameters of the mission?

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    What does parameters of the mission?

    Post by lockie on Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:33 pm

    That's a first question which bumped into any newcomers who wanted to make mission.
    Let's see on the example of the mission "Operation Thunder", GMP1.x\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\camp\gmp_10.engcfg
    campaign39, KV2_thunder,1, 0, kv2_thund.jpg,txt_cit_thunder,21,txt_thunder_hist,thunder,levels\levels\cm_pack_mission10\kv2_thunder.level,0,,back_cd_end1,txt_thunder_end,thunder.ogg,;
    campaign39 - number/name of the campaign
    KV2_thunder - name of the mission with short description, located here:\k42\loc_rus\text\GMP_1.2.text
    This is entry:
    KV2_thunder() {Operation "Thunder", 7 July 1941, (KV-2); }
    1 - single mission
    0 - number of tries (stock missions has 3 tries, then next mission opens)
    kv2_thund.jpg - picture(should be in *.jpg/tga format) during mission loading, located here:\k42\loc_rus\images\backs\kv2_thund.jpg
    txt_cit_thunder - name of the text identificator for the quotes, located here:\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\SCRIPTS\cm_pack_mission10\missn_thunder_loc_data.text
    This is entry:
    //quote #1
    //quote #2
    //quote #21

    21 -  the number of quotes

    txt_thunder_hist - text of history note, located:\k42\loc_rus\text\GMP_1.2.text
    This is entry:

    thunder - the most interesting and one of the most bugged feature Smile It is picture of the history mission. It must be in *.tga(or *.dds) format. It's located here:\k42\loc_rus\textures\HIST_MAPS\thunder.tga
    The problem is that missionmaker in 90% forgot to include this picture Smile

    levels\levels\cm_pack_mission10\kv2_thunder.level - this file contains information where missions files located, what is the weather/weather speed/cycle/start time. It it located:\k42\loc_rus\levels\LEVELS\cm_pack_mission10\kv2_thunder.level

    0 - number of tries (once again for confirmation)
    empty space - the name of campaign. It does only for campaign. In our case - single mission, just don't put in it anything. Leave as it is.

    back_cd_end1 - picture after mission completed(post-mission picture). Should be in the *.dds format. It is located here:\k42\loc_rus\textures\HIST_MAPS\end\

    thunder.ogg - this is video before mission start (during downloading)
    empty space - this is video after mission completed (or u may place here video in case u don't want to put in "post-mission picture")

    - thanks to Rends for his first campaign, which was example for me!

    Video tutorial:

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