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Campaign: Fury (M4A3/76 E8) STA2.0

Thu 16 Apr - 14:32 by lockie

I liked the movie "Fury" very much and may be almost immediately thought to myself how to recreate it as a mission for SF Smile


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How do I get STA up to date? (donation)

Thu 8 Dec - 22:01 by Luftwaffles

I was reading that files are password protected, etc., so I needed to donate to get STA up to 3.x or so. Where do I donate (and to who), and where can I download STA 3.x directly, password, etc.?

Thank you! I'm just tired of broken and outdated links! LOL

Missions by Deviator (Місії ад Девіатора)

Sat 26 Jul - 15:15 by lockie

Here's a screenshot from the new polygon Lipovichy made by Deviator. This is amazing work!

And here's a newly designed personal cabinet already implemented in polygon! Wink

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Mission: Battle of Villers-Bocage (Pz.VI "Tiger")

Wed 19 Nov - 19:08 by lockie

1. Steel Sound Mod 1.0 (SSM)
2. STA 1.0
3. GMP1.x (must)
4. GMP2.x (optional)
5. GMP3.x (optional)
6. FebUpd_2015
7. JulUpd_2015 link1, link2
8. m09_viller_bocage link1, link2
9. Weather Scorching Summer (optional)
Campaigns->GMP1.x->Battle of "Villers-Bocage", 1944, (Pz.VI …

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Campaign "Steel Beast" (Pz.V "Panther") WIP

Fri 1 Jul - 13:14 by frinik

We could make a campaign for the Panther  A & D about the heavy fighting in the Mius river area in August 1943.

Good source for quotes:

"Our platoon moved through a …

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Ultrawide screen monitor?

Tue 28 Jun - 22:17 by Txema

Has anybody played Steel Fury using an Ultrawide screen monitor (aspect ratio 21:9, screen resolution 2560 x 1080)?

How does Steel Fury look in those monitors?

Thanks for your help !


Woofie the Dog's Skin Shop

Sat 8 Oct - 14:57 by woofiedog

Welcome to Woofie the Dog's Skin Shop.

Note... These tank skins are my first attempts at making skins for Steel Fury and have attempted at making them as correct as possible.

Any comments or reply's are welcomed. homage

* How to use the ME/Mission Editor to change a player's tank/vehicle. *

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Sighting bug?

Mon 7 Nov - 13:59 by yl9961027

Why did my sight become so? Not a circle but an ellipse.

STA3.1 testing

Sun 7 Aug - 8:27 by lockie

This mod is available only via donation and organized as alpha testing.

The next Campaigns are available:
- Campaign "Achtung, panzer" (Pz.IV/F1/F2, 10 missions)
- Campaign "Fury" (M4A3/76/E8 "Sherman", 5 missions)
- Campaign …

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